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Hurricane Irene's Effect on NJ Libraries

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene we surveyed New Jersey libraries to ask what sort of preparation they did before Irene, if they were damaged or not, and how they were serving members of their communities who were impacted by the storm.  This list will be updated as we receive reports from the field.  If you have any photos of your library assisting residents in hurricane recovery please send them to

The Princeton Public Library produced a short video about their communities experience at the library in the aftermath of Irene.

The Paterson Free Public Library also posted pictures of their damage.

An article from on the damage to Penns Grove-Carneys Point Library.

image of Monmouth County Library image of Monmouth County Library
image of Monmouth County Library image of Monmouth County Library
Avalon Free Public Library  
Disaster Preparation When the voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders where promulgated, the library through it's website and email (constant contact) restated these orders as well as links to related emergency information sources. Mandatory evacuation occurred on Friday. At the Mayor's request the library closed on that day. Thursday night, we backed up all servers twice. Sets of the backup tapes were given to the director and ast. director. To thje extent possible, we disassembled our networks and moved as much of the equuipment as we could to safe locations. 
Damage No
Describe Damage None
Recovery Assistance No. However, we did have staff helping at the evacuation shelter although not in the capacity of library or information services. We will investigate how the library can provide services to evacuated populations. 
Belleville Public Library  
Disaster Preparation No
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage
Recovery Assistance So far this has not come up.  Belleville was very lucky.
Bernards Township  
Disaster Preparation Those who did not work on the weekend turned off electric and electronic devices and unplugged all computers, printers, etc.  The Library's IT Manager came in at 1:30 pm on Saturday (we close at 2:00 pm in the summer) and turned off, shut down and unplugged computers, printers, copiers, etc. at the public service desks and in the public areas.
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage to Library although other areas of town are without power, etc.--see below.  Town Hall and the Police Station are running on generators.
Recovery Assistance Not yet, but they are willing to do so and expect to be called on to do so. 
A number of areas in Bernards Township are without power or cable service.  The result is that many residents are here in the Library to work from "home" on their computers using our WiFi, to use our public access computers or iPads for email, etc., to charge cell phones--and one person charged his electric razor.  As others mentioned, we are seeing residents who are not regular library visitors.
Bernardsville Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We brought patio furniture inside and covered areas where we had had leaks in the past.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We had leaks in the roof, but they did not impact public service areas.
Recovery Assistance Not aware of assistance such as mentioned above.  However, with many homes in town without electricity, the library is packed with people using our computers and our wi-fi capability. Many are people we have not seen here before.
Library of the Chathams  
Disaster Preparation We were instructed to turn off all computers, copiers, etc. and then to unplug them before closing.  
Damage No
Describe Damage Although there was no damage, we did have some water seep into the lower level because the water table there is so high.  It came up through the floor and we had to use the vac to suck up the excess water.  Not much we can do to prevent that.
Recovery Assistance As with all libraries, we have been swamped with people - both our regulars and people who had never been here before.  There was a great deal of charging and computer use.  One woman from a business in town came in because they had no power.  She desperately needed to finalize a contract and make copies.  Her comment was that without the libraray they would have lost a key contract.
Cherry Hill Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Inspected and cleared all gutters and drains. Stored loose items. Placed sand bags at entrance doors and put tarps outside on ground and roof areas where leaks were known to occur. These we held down by sandbags as well.

Tarps were placed over book stacks near windows. Alarms were turned off becasue we knew the wind would set them off.

Informed personnel not to park under street lamps or trees near the library. 
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage.
Recovery Assistance None reported to library yet.
Chester Library  
Disaster Preparation We disconnected all electronics on Saturday.
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage
Recovery Assistance We have set up tables at every available outlet in our library, including meeting rooms for patrons to charge phones and use our wifi. We have also allowed patrons to fill water jugs. No one has asked for claim assistance yet.
Cranford Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We have a disaster plan.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We had some roof leaks in the Children's Room and approximately 50 books got wet as a result.  Portions of the Children's Room carpet are also wet.  The library did not close.
Recovery Assistance No.  We have a flood emergency information package available, which was put together by the township. We have had an unprecedented number of people coming in with laptops and connecting to our wi-fi, charging up laptops, and charging up cell phones.  We put out power strips on two of our reading tables to help meet the demand.  Use of our Internet computers is also up markedly.
Dunellen Public Library  
Disaster Preparation No.  Working on a disaster plan. We did turn off all computers on Saturday when leaving the building instead of keeping them in "sleep" mode. We are always closed on Sunday. We were not open Monday, Aug. 29 due to lack of power. Reopened at 10 am Tuesday, Aug. 30.
Damage No
Describe Damage We only needed to replace several ceiling tiles which got wet through a vent on our roof.
Recovery Assistance No.
East Brunswick Public Library  
Disaster Preparation The Library shut down all computers and servers so they would not be damaged by power outages or a power surge. 

On Monday, many of our residents had no electricity and could not travel to work due to flooding.  The came to the library by the dozens with their laptops and cell phones to do their work.  We set up tables and power strips in all our meeting rooms so we could accommodate as many people as possible.  We were happy to allow our residents to recharge their cell phones wherever they found a plug. 
Damage Yes
Describe Damage The library's roof leaked in multiple places and unfortunately, 2 computers were damaged with water.

The library was closed on Tuesday due to no power but was able to reopen on Wednesday.
Recovery Assistance We have not been asked to help yet but may partner with our neighboring Senior Center to assist our residents in the next few weeks.
East Orange Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We shut down our computer system on Friday.  The Library was closed on Saturday.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage The Library opened on Monday, but we had a number of leaks in the building.  We are assessing the leaks..  We have not had to close due to the leaks.
We had problems with the security system and the computer system on Monday.  Both were operational by Tuesday afternoon.
Recovery Assistance I am not aware of staff assisting patrons.  Since we did not have internet service on Monday, this may have prevented patrons from coming in and seeking help.
Essex County College  
Disaster Preparation Other than the maintenance of an inventory of the collection which is held off site there is none.
Damage No
Describe Damage There was no damage
Recovery Assistance No inquiries thus far.
Florham Park Public Library  
Disaster Preparation The Borough workers cleared our gutters before the hurricane arrived. Also 4 dead trees were cut down just the week before so they posed no threat.
Damage No
Describe Damage We were open for business as usual on Monday morning. Our community poured in for power and internet access.
Recovery Assistance We were open Monday with full power and Internet access. We set up charging stations. People from our Borough and surronding communities came in to use the power to recharge cell phones, to use the library PCs and the wireless internet access. One lady even brought in her curling iron and asked for permission to plug in in the ladies room. Why not? By 5PM 500 people had visited. It was great to be a "port in a storm." 
Garwood Public Library  
Disaster Preparation No extraordinary precautions were taken other than turning off all computers.  We believed we were on high enough ground and sturdy enough to withstand any water or wind conditions.  Which, fortunately, we were.
Damage No
Describe Damage Power was out on Sunday for about 12 hours, a day that the Library is normally closed.  Operations are normal since opening on Monday morning, August 29th.
Recovery Assistance Our staff is assisting customers with accessing their emails, charging their phones, and offering access to wi-fi, since many people in the surrounding areas are still without power, as of Wednesday, the 31st.
Glen Ridge Library  
Disaster Preparation In the past, our Children's Department would take heavy flooding.  There has been much waterproofing done in the recent past and really seemed to have been effective.  Even so, we did get some water in the Children's Department and saturated some of the carpeting -- but this is nothing to us.  We had the carpets wet vacummed and have put down heaters and fans to dry the rest.

In preparation of the storm, we did remove books from low lying shelves, covered some bookcases with plastic and sealed our book drops which have a tendency to leak in heavy rains.  
Damage No
Describe Damage n/a
Recovery Assistance Luckily the library has power, however many areas of Glen Ridge does not.  To help local residents, we have set up "power stations" where patrons can come in to charge their mobile devices. 

If patrons need assistance with any sort of post-Hurricane claim filing, we would assist in any way we could.  
Hamilton Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Computers and other items were moved away from windows. Back up tapes kept in water/ fire proof safe. Some machines unpluged. Maintainers inspected building before storm hit. 
Damage Yes
Describe Damage Small leaks in three places. Nothing major. 
Recovery Assistance no.
Irvington Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Yes. There was disaster planning. The basement level of the library generally floods during excessive rain. We ensured that all pumps in elevator shaft, boiler room and back flow valve was fully operational. All boxes, important equipment were taken off the floor and stored in elevated areas. Old newspapers were placed in front of doors to control water flow. Care was taken to ensure that windows were properly closed and outdoor equipment removed.
Damage No
Describe Damage No major damage, some water in the basement.
Recovery Assistance no
Kemmerer Library   
Disaster Preparation No, but it's a new building and was built with the latest in drainage devices. 
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage.
Recovery Assistance Not yet, but we have helped by making every outlet we have available to let people charge their cell phones and other portable devices, and we even set up a coffee urn and cups with lids to serve coffee throughout the library, to help our residents reclaim a bit more of their routine lives.

We also waived any fines accrued on materials due this week.
Kenilworth Public Library  
Disaster Preparation No - we were lucky.
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage
Recovery Assistance Not yet.   However, a lot of people in town are still without power so providing them with a place to access the internet continues to be very important.   We also put out power strips so that people can have a place to recharge cell phones, laptops, and other electronic equipment if they've been without power.   As an additional gesture of community goodwill, we've also put out coffee and cookies for anyone who can't make coffee at home or just needs a little additional cheering up.
Kinnelon Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Computers and copy machines were shut down at the power strip
Damage No
Describe Damage There was no damage.  
Recovery Assistance No
We have not been asked yet.
Little Silver Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We have our wifi available to residents whose cable is out.
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage.
Recovery Assistance Not yet.
Livingston Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We just picked up any loose objects like trash containers outside the library and brought in patio furniture.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We had very minor water pooling in our basements and two or three small leaks on the main floor. We mopped up. We never lost power and were able to open for our regular hours on Monday.
Recovery Assistance I am not aware that anyone has asked for help with this.
Madison Public Library  
Disaster Preparation All computers and other equipment unplugged before the storm.  We pulled some items away from windows.  Cleared roof drains.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We've had no electricity since the storm, hoping it is fixed today (Wed. 8/31).  Water entered the building either through the windows or foundation, so there is extensive carpet damage.  Once the electricity is restored, cleanup will begin.
Recovery Assistance No
Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library  
Disaster Preparation No.
Damage No
Describe Damage We had very minimal water damage in an area that gives us trouble whenever we have a storm.  We were closed on Sunday for safety reasons, but reopened Monday. 
Recovery Assistance Our Internet service was limited yesterday, so we were not able to assist in filing claims, but many residents were without power, so we served as a meeting place, allowed patrons to charge their cell phones, use our wireless, etc.
Mendham Borough  
Disaster Preparation We mostly just unplugged PC, printers, faxes and other appliances.
Damage No
Describe Damage N/A.
Recovery Assistance No.  We do, however, have a number of people coming to check email, work on their laptops, etc.
Middletown Twp. Library  
Disaster Preparation Covered all computers
Sealed off the outdoor bookdrops
Damage No
Describe Damage Power outage at one branch
Recovery Assistance Not yet
The MAJOR impact, and this cannot be understated, is that hundreds of people, many of whom we've never seen before, have flocked to the library to recharge their devices, use our internet services- our regular computers and wifo service has been stretched to the max.  Waiting lines for computers, from opening to closing.  This is a great service we've provided!
Milltown Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Our custodian made sure everything that could be blown around was taken inside or strapped down. That's about all we could do.
Damage No
Describe Damage The electricity is out in Milltown - for everyone. So the library has been closed. We hope the power will be restored by Thursday - that is what we have been told and we will open as soon as it comes back.
Recovery Assistance (blank)
Monmouth County Historical Association  
Disaster Preparation We moved items away from windows and up off floors. Tarped shelves. Closed blinds and doors where necessary.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We had water seepage in basement where our main manuscript collection is housed. High heat and humidity resulted. We are closed for 3 days to stabilize the area ~ replacing the c.1996 dehumidifiers (generating heat) and just mopping up the water. Bulkhead doors open to air out terrible musty smells. This was the worst we have ever had it down there.
Recovery Assistance No, as we are not a public library.
Moorestown Library  
Disaster Preparation Any vulnerable areas were water could get in (roof, eves, etc) were cleared of materials and tarped. Fans were made ready for drying carpet areas.

UPS and Battery backups were checked for operation to ensure "soft shutdown" of library servers in the event of power outages.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage Some water incursion resulting in wet wooden shelves and carpets. Shelves were towel dried and large fans were employed to dry carpet. No library down time was experienced.
Recovery Assistance No. None as of 8/30/11
Morris County Library  
Disaster Preparation No
Damage Yes
Describe Damage No power Aug 29-30, Monday-Tuesday, unable to open.
Recovery Assistance  
Mount Laurel Library  
Disaster Preparation We put a tarp over one section of books where we have had roof leaks in the past
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We had some minor roof leaks but they will only require replacement of the ceiling tiles. Our job seeker banner blew off and will need to be reattached. The library did not open on Sunday due to the weather conditions. Our power went off on Sunday and was back on by 1 PM on Monday. The library reopened at 3 PM on Monday 8/29.
Recovery Assistance No
Mountain Lakes Public Library  
Disaster Preparation After closing on Saturday:

We unplugged all power strips, PCs, printers and copy machines.

We checked emergency lighting and lanterns/flashlights, replacing batteries if needed.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage The damage to the library was outdoor, in the back of the library.   Four very large trees fell, roots and all. Two missed the building by inches.

It in no way prevented the opening of the library!
Recovery Assistance We have had no patrons ask for help in filing claims so far.
However, over half of the town is still, Thursday, without electricity or cable.

Staff assisted community residents in the re-charging of cell phones and laptops.  They helped set up WiFi connections!  They, professionally, understood that there would be a higher noise level than usual!  Our small library had over 50 residents at all times for three days, including groups of teens.  It has been a hectic week where our library was a true community center!
Mountainside Public Library  
Disaster Preparation All electronic equipment - PCs, servers, etc - were shut down and unplugged.  Devices that were on the floor were elevated, in case of water.  HVAC system was manually shut down at closing on Friday.  
Damage No
Describe Damage n/a
Recovery Assistance Not directly, but we have had a huge increase in users, both on our network and on our free Wi-Fi.  Many people in Mountainside are still without power, they are coming here to recharge their electronic devices.  The library is providing free hot coffee as a complimentary pick-me-up.  
Neptune Public Library  
Disaster Preparation I was actually invited by the Mayor to help entertain the children at the Neptune High School which was a shelter for flood victims through the worst of the storm.  I brought coloring sheets, crayons, decks of cards, DVDs to show in the High School library, anything to entertain the children.  I was very happy that the Library could help in our great response to this storm.
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage other than a small leak that a trash can dealt with.
Recovery Assistance Our library has been inundated with folks who have no power and need to use our free WiFi.  We have been advertising on our Facebook account that we have plenty of electrical outlets to charge computers and cell phones.  We have installed extra power strips in our meeting rooms, in order to accommodate more computer users.
New Milford Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We printed out the FEMA,, and the town instructions for the storm and made flyers for our patrons to take home.  
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We had minor damage.  Just some leaks in roof that got a few papers wet.   Nothing to prevent us from opening on Monday.  Unfortunately, we lost power from a fallen tree on Tuesday.  We are now waiting for power to be restored.
Recovery Assistance We have not had to help with claim forms yet.   When we did open on Monday, we put extra power strips around the library so patrons without power could charge up their cell phones and use their laptops.
Newfield Public Library  
Disaster Preparation All electronics were completely unplugged. We did not rely on the fact that surge might or might not protect our equipment.
Damage No
Describe Damage Only fallen tree limbs. Luckily, we had two trees cut down several weeks ago, if we hadn't I wouldn't doubt that the one would have fallen though our roof. 
Recovery Assistance Not that I know of, but it's still quite soon after the storm.
North Brunswick Library  
Disaster Preparation Unplugged everything electric.
Took into the building or shed anything that could fly away, garbage cans, flag, small recycling shed
Made sure nothing was left on the floor at flood prone areas
Locked bookdrops
Damage No
Describe Damage Closed on Sunday. Open Monday at regular time
Recovery Assistance Not yet but we have a huge number of people using our wireless system and recharging phones and batteries.
Ocean County Library  
Disaster Preparation Yes. The Ocean County Library has experienced several types of extreme weather conditions including blizzards and Nor'easters. Our library has developed policies and protocols for communicating with staff and customers, and securing our facilities and technology. We also coordinate information with our library commission and county officials and departments. We perform after action reviews to determine what went well and what could be improved. For Hurricane Irene, we stowed away loose objects (garbage cans, furniture, removed flags from poles) and moved vehicles to secure locations. We also powered down non-essential servers in our data center so that vital communications (email, Internet) would be preserved in the event of a power outage. Our data center is on a back-up generator. We closed library branches located on barrier islands on Friday and the entire library system was closed and on Saturday and our buildings were secured. Our library has a dedicated facilities manager and department to serve our 21 locations. We routinely maintain our facilities according to a maintenance plan. At the shore, our facilities our designed to code for hurricane and gale force winds. 
Damage Yes
Describe Damage The Ocean County Library fared well during Hurricane Irene with minor issues. The Library experienced partial power outages at three locations, some wet carpets in basements at two locations, and downed trees and branches which did not fall on our buildings but need to be cleared from the properties.

20 of our 21 library locations were open on Monday, August 29. On Monday, the Brick Branch needed to close at 5pm due to partial power issues and the Bay Head Reading Center was closed for the day. On Tuesday, August 30 as of 11:30am all of 21 library locations were on regular schedules.
Recovery Assistance I do not have that information at this time. However, we hope that the OCL made a difference to many people in our community on Monday and Teusday who did not have power and needed to use the library's computers to communicate with their families or businesses, or needed access to reference resources and information, or just a good book or library programs for their family during this difficult time.
Oceanic Free Library  
Disaster Preparation We removed all books, magazines, etc from every windowsill.  Unplugged small items like the pencil sharpeners and tabletop copying machine.  The portable tv was rolled away from the window (it's kept in a small back room).  The windows were locked tight and the blinds were closed and turned outward---to deflect any water that might come in. The power strips were turned off.  The windowseat cushions and pillows were removed and placed on top of tables.  Book carts were moved away from ceiling vents.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage I came to the library on Sunday afternoon to observe and record.  There was water damage at the rear of the building: several ceiling tiles were sodden and discolored in two different rooms.  One of the ruined tiles fell on the floor and broke.  Two areas of carpet were wet.  There were small puddles of water on some of the office furniture.  The ceiling leaks were caused by 12 inches of water that had accumulated on a flat roof and a clogged drain.  We had no electricity and no telephone service.
I called the board member who is in charge of the building and grounds immediately.  He cleared the drain earlier in the day and made a report. 
We opened the library on Monday---even without electricity!  We opened 9:30am to 1:00pm and worked in natural light with the doors and windows open (to dry the carpets).  Today, Tuesday, we have electricity and phone service.  The air conditioning is not working well because the units are on the roof, and they are water-logged.
Recovery Assistance No one has asked for our assisstance in filing claims.  About a third of the residences here in Rumson are still without power.  Patrons are coming in to use our computers.  Some of them are coming in just to get away from their homes, and to chat.  We provide a sympathetic ear, comfortable chairs, and a place to getaway for a little while!
Oradell Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Aside from a Emergency and Collections Disaster Plan being in place we did not make any preparation.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage A bit of water on the lower level confined to one small area with light moistening of the carpet.  Power outages on and off AFTER the hurricane passed, not during, and continuing on and off through Wednesday, August 31, 2011.  The Library was closed all day Monday, August 29, 2011, but reopened between outages.
Recovery Assistance No.  No one asked.
Parsippany Library  
Disaster Preparation Checked to see that outside drains were clear and sump pumps were working. Turned picnic furniture upside down. Took garbage receptacles inside. 
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We sustained water damage on the entire lower level of the library. The carpeting in the childrens' department was wet and in our meeting room we had wet carpeting and ceiling tiles, as well as a bowed wall. We also have mold on the lower level, so we hired a mold expert to do testing. The library was closed to the public on Monday, 8/29. Some of our children's room furniture and collection has been relocated to the first floor. We are utilizing group study rooms for meeting room use.
Recovery Assistance We have designated certain pcs for the use of Hurricane victims. We have offered the main library as a site for school supply drop off donations and canned goods.We are advertising that people who do not have electricity in their homes, can plug in their gadgets here. 
Pennsauken Library  
Disaster Preparation Automation vendor III notified.

Shut down all computers

In the midst of new roof installation. Contractor extra secured the nearly completed job.  All went well in our town.
Damage No
Describe Damage n/a
Recovery Assistance Not aware of any.
Princeton Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Yes. We planned an early closing on Saturday and remained closed on Sunday, announcing that we would reopen on schedule on Monday.
Damage No
Describe Damage We sustained no damage. We did shut down our servers in anticipation of the storm and had to scramble to get the Internet back on on Monday. With Comcast down, we had to reroute our staff Internet, which comes from Princeton University, to the public side. Our IT guy did an extraordinary job of making this happen.
Recovery Assistance We opened at 9:30 the Monday after the storm and welcomed thousands of grateful residents who were without power and Internet and needed to charge their devices and get online. We converted our Community Room into an impromptu business center, where people worked at tables throughout the day. At one point, virtually every seat in the library was occupied and just about every outlet had something plugged into it. Our Wi-Fi was at capacity

We stayed open extra hours (till 11) and our door count topped 4,500 by 9:30. (A typical day's door count is 2,000-2,500.)

You can see the progress of the day, including videos, on our Facebook Page

We have a set of photos of Flickr as well chronicling the early hours of the day.
Ramsey Free Public Library  
Disaster Preparation No
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage
Recovery Assistance We are open regular hours, providing service to residents who do not have power with wireless access, ability to charge phones and laptops.
Ridgefield Park Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Disaster plan is in progress--time is always the enemy.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage Flooding/damage to our lower level children's department. Called insurance carrier immediately. Then called ServPro--they were on site the next day and began remediation. By the time clean up, sanitizing, etc., are done and new
carpeting installed, we will probably be closed in the children's department for about two weeks.  Some minor damage in adult department as well but we were able to function around it.
Recovery Assistance We've had inquiries about how to clean up, companies that do clean up, etc., but no claims yet. Ridgefield Park wasn't as hard hit as many other communities.
Riverdale Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We pulled the plugs on the surge protectors and all computers and other technology in the building.  We covered the computers near windows.
Damage No
Describe Damage We were very fortunate that there was no damage.
Recovery Assistance Not in filing claims...yet.  We made our phone available to one gentlemen that had no power, so he could call his daughter.
Rockaway Township Public Library  
Disaster Preparation 1. We unplugged all electrical equipment such as printers, copiers, computers, modems, etc.
2. We pulled into the library all furniture, planters, any thing we felt would be a projectile in a wind storm.
Damage No
Describe Damage This is the first day we are open since Saturday. We had a power failure until 11:30 last night (Monday).
Recovery Assistance Not yet. But what we have done is installed more surge protectors and extension cords and rearranged our furniture so that those with laptops to work on or cell phones to charge can have easy access to our electricity. We are also being very understanding when it comes to fines.
Roxbury Library  
Disaster Preparation No
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage
Recovery Assistance No one coming to file claims yet, but since part of the town is STILL without electric many are coming in to access the internet and use us as a recharging station. 
Sayreville Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Rooftop drains were inspected and cleared of leaves and debris. All paper boxes were lifted off the basement floor. Surge protectors were shut off when the library closed the day before the storm.
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage.
Recovery Assistance We have had a notable increase in people from surrounding towns coming in to use our computers. Also a lot of our residents coming in for the first time.
Schiavo Library  
Disaster Preparation Secured trash cans. Turned off computers.
Damage No
Describe Damage No, we didn't sustain any damage at the libary.
Recovery Assistance No,
Strathmere was lucky - we didn't sustain any significant damage from the hurricane. We've had more problems with nor'easters.
Scotch Plains Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Cleaned roof drains, removed loose materials around outside, asked people to not jam bookdrop..Right!...prepared staff who live closeby to check building on Sunday.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage We were closed on Monday but backup today as we had power problems.
Phone line currently not working correctly..need to hit "0" when phone keeps ringing
Minimal water leaks from ceiling
Servers all back up and functioning once power restored
Lost large tree outside
Recovery Assistance Many people without power in area are here using our Internet and especially our wireless
Shinn Lathrope Health Sciences Morristown Medical Center   
Disaster Preparation We covered our shelves with plastic 
Damage No
Describe Damage We did not sustain damage.  
Recovery Assistance We are a hospital Library.  We will not be doing this.  
Somerville Branch Library  
Disaster Preparation yes
Damage No
Describe Damage the library was open all day (10AM-5:30PM) on Saturday, Augsut 27 and reopened at 10AM (on time on Monday, August 29).

The staff did an outstanding job getting to and returning from work.  It took one staff member at least three hours to get in.

We are one of the very few libraries in the area to remain open on Saturday and to be open on Monday.
Recovery Assistance We've had increased computer use and much cell phone recharging.
South Orange Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We made sure that a drain which collects  a lot of water was clear and unobstructed.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage Water in hallway and meeting room from flood in boiler room caused by excess water going into drain. the water was removed with a wet vac and fans are being used to dry out carpeting. The library was opened as usual, but the elevator was closed until it could be deemed safe.
Recovery Assistance Our library was designated as an emergency shelter and we had cots and water available.  Two staff members manned the building on Sunday from the early morning hours until early afternoon.  Two families utilized the library as a shelter.
We opened to the public at our regular time and many people who are without electricity and internet service have been  using our electricity for laptops and cell phone charging.  We also provide information about  services, emergency water supplies, etc.
South Plainfield Public Library  
Disaster Preparation No.  The water never came close to the library in the history of the town.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage The library got 2-4 inches of water over all of the first floor. Luckily, it did not touch the bottom shelves of the collections. The things damaged were under desks and anything sitting on the floor- including all the wood furniture.  We do not know when we will open.
Recovery Assistance No.  Too  much water in the carpets and it smells too bad.
South River Public Library  
Disaster Preparation I had the staff shut down all of the computers, and our serve.
Damage No
Describe Damage We had no damage.
Recovery Assistance No
Sparta Library  
Disaster Preparation We created a disaster plan some years ago; fortunately we did not need it this time!
Damage No
Describe Damage No damage
Recovery Assistance The Sparta Library has become a power hub in a town largely without power. Yesterday, we hosted 160+ patrons with laptops desperate to get in touch with family and work. In addition, our computers were working overtime. Consequently our Internet went down and the wi-fi failed. Panic! But our township IT manager came in to assess the situation and found we needed another router.  He purchased, installed, and configured the router. then went around to each patron to insure tbat tney were logged in and knew how to access the wi-fi system. He went above and beyond, and we owe him a huge thank you!

We also set up a cellphone charging station in the Children's Room, and some other points throughout the library. This was a huge hit. In addition, we offered bottled water, coffee, and baskets of candy. We ran movies in the Children's Room and had crayons and paper out for our little artists. We also got our popcorn machuine up and running, which was a major distraction for kids and adults alike.

We were fortunate in our community that the damage was minimal and injuries were nil. Our hearts go out to the communities and libraries that have experienced losses. Our hope is that everyone comes through this stronger than ever!          
Springfield Free Public Library  
Disaster Preparation All computers, switches and computer wires were picked up off the floor. Chairs mats, boxes and other items lifted off floor. Plastic tarp put over servers. Servers shut down in case of power outages or surges. Plastic sheeting and sandbags placed at all doors.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage Wind driven rain came through windows and some of the doors. Flooidng in meeting room, lobby, ciruclation young adult & children's areas. Library closed for one day. Staff came in to move books and carpet company extracted, shampooed & deoderized carpeted area and sopped up water and cleaned tile floors. Staff replaced all books that were moved.
Recovery Assistance Just opened at 10:00 a.m. No one assisted yet.
Stratford Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We powered down all computers.
Damage No
Describe Damage N/a
Recovery Assistance No
Tinton Falls Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We moved everything that was outside indoors and checked to make sure our sump pump was working.
Damage Yes
Describe Damage There was some very mild water damage to boxes stored in our basement. However, we have no access to the internet which means we also have no access to SIRSI. We are working with our ISP to remedy the situation. We will reopen this afternoon and will continue to check materials in and out by hand.
Recovery Assistance No. In spite of the fact that we had no internet access, patrons could come in and use the wireless service. They were also able to come in and charge their cell phones. We had five or six business men use the wireless service and half a dozen or more people walked into the library for the first time to charge their cell phones.
Waldwick Public Library  
Disaster Preparation We distributed hurricane preparedness information to the public.
Damage No
Describe Damage Our library did not sustain any damage that we are aware of.
Recovery Assistance Area residents who lost power as a result of the storm are using our public computers. We have permitted several patrons to charge their cell phones in the library.
Wayne Public Library  
Disaster Preparation The IT deparment had us power off all electrical items such as printers, computers and monitors.  We had maintenance wrap the old bookdrop slot which sometimes leaks.  Had a large trash can placed in the story time room where the roof leaks.
Damage No
Describe Damage None
Recovery Assistance Prior to the storm we were DVD central as patrons started coming in on Thursday to get as many DVD's as possible.  After the storm the Reference Desk has been very busy helping patrons find roads that are open and ways to get around this area.  Our internet computers have been popluar with the patrons also.  
Wharton Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Very minimal...staff covered (with plastic) areas of the library that were prone to leaks, brought inside garbage cans or anything that could get caught in heavy winds. 
Damage No
Describe Damage n/a
Recovery Assistance No
Willingboro Public Library  
Disaster Preparation Review of Pocket Response Plan prior to storm.
Damage No
Describe Damage NA
Recovery Assistance Posted via Facebook and Twitter that customers without power could recharge phones and other devices at the library.

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